A new book by

John DiGirolamo

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It’s Not About the Badge Profiles the lives and careers of 6 small town police officers with extraordinary stories.  Delve into their personal lives and walk their journey of compelling real-life tales.

Read about ordinary people from various backgrounds where you’ll discover the human spirit of the men and women behind the badge.  Take an up close and personal look at police officers and how the work impacts their life, told in an interesting and unique creative non-fiction format.

  • Jesse Cortese who will never forget why he went into law enforcement after being called to investigate a routine dog bite complaint.
  • Dean Morgan, the 7th officer on the scene when a gunman took kids hostages at Platte Canyon High School.
  • Jamey Murray who witnesses the lethal result when domestic violence is mixed with drug use.
  • Lamine Mullenax who runs into a criminal in a grocery store one year after arresting him.
  • Megan DiGirolamo who becomes the first School Resource Officer for grades K-12 in the town of Buena Vista, CO.
  • Jesse Mitchell whose de-escalation skills keep an emotionally charged incident from getting out of control.

Praise for “It’s Not About The Badge”

“Until you have walked in the shoes of a rural police officer, you can’t understand the challenges, range of emotions and satisfaction of the job.  John DiGirolamo brings those stories to life in It’s Not About the Badge so the reader can walk along with the officers, stride for stride in these compelling real-life tales. The author delves beyond the police work and into their personal life, family situations and faith journey, creating a captivating reading experience.”

Jimmy Tidwell – former Chief of Police for the town of Buena Vista, CO.  Mr. Tidwell was the police chief for over 24 years and his law enforcement career spanned 34 years and one day.

“Given the current wave of unwarranted, irrational hatred of cops by leftist radicals, demagogic politicians and their liberal-media echo chamber, this book couldn’t be more timely and valuable.  John DiGirolamo humanizes six actual police officers in a compelling mixture of true-crime drama, personal insights, motivations, and dedication.”

“Cops are ordinary people with families who have extraordinary jobs that can put their lives on the line each day.   As you walk in their shoes, you’ll appreciate the pressure of making split-second decisions in life-threatening encounters with dangerous criminals.  As a cop, under-reacting can take your life from your family; over-reacting can cost others their lives and put you in jail.  Good cops, the vast majority, should be defended not defunded.”

Mike Rosen – longtime host of the Mike Rosen Show, KOA 850 Radio, Denver, CO; author of Reality, A Plain-Talk Guide to Economics, Politics, Government and Culture

“Sometimes gritty, It’s Not About the Badge, gives a graphic account about the nature of policing in Central Colorado.  From their relationships with family and friends, to the tragedies they witness daily, and sometimes rewarding success stories, John DiGirolamo offers a glimpse into a cop’s world.  In this creative non-fiction piece, he draws his characters from police officers in Central Colorado and stories from real-life incidents, lending it an eerily accurate and believable depiction.”

DiGirolamo writes about the many reasons why those who walk the blue line continue to do so.  He illustrates the difficulties and the uniqueness of doing police work, but he also shows the humanity of the people police serve daily.  And he writes candidly about the blow cops felt during the summer of 2020 when demonstrations around the United States were aimed at cops.

        Paul J. Goetz – Managing Editor, The Mountain Mail, Salida, CO